The name “iTemple” came to Aaron during meditation. The name has several meanings and plays off several facets. The “i” represents the internal power and potential that is within us. It is the understanding that we are each powerful beings when we overcome our fears and limitations.  Another facet of the name, is the reference to all of the tech devices with a similar name. This alludes to the fields of work that Aaron (the founder of iTemple) does outside the iTemple (visit to find out about Aaron’s other work).


San Diego

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iTemple Creation

The iTemple was brought into being by visionary Aaron Pyne. For over 10 years Aaron has been studying, practicing, and assisting others with his extensive spiritual studies. His path has lead him to a deep understanding of other many dimensions of reality and has inspired his work to bring positive change in the world. In 2013, in Bend, OR, while in a deep state of meditation, he received a vision with clear instruction to begin the iTemple at his residence. He followed his vision and began to have regular small gatherings at his home. The events helped build community and have supported many in their journey to deepen their spiritual connection.

In September of 2014, Aaron was guided to move to San Diego to expand his work to a larger audience and find a new place for the iTemple. Aaron planned a two week visit to San Diego to find a new place to setup for his work. On the second day of his visit he found his new place and received clear confirmation from the universe that this was to be the next evolution of the iTemple. After settling in for a few months, he begin to launch the first iTemple events in January of 2015. Excitement quickly spread through the San Diego community and our events have continued to expand and evolve since!

iTemple Founder

Aaron Pyne


Aaron Michael Pyne  is a visionary artist, graphic & web designer, energy healer, and meditation teacher.  Since his youth he has been on this path. As a child he made sketches of Mandalas (without consciously knowing their deeper meaning) and had desires to be a teacher of subjects not taught in normal schools. When he turned 17 he had various spiritual experiences that reconnected him with his spiritual heritage. He than began his study of spiritual topics with Astrology and was compelled to study whatever spiritual text he could find . Soon after he was told of his great potential in the spiritual field by a variety of psychics. At that point he began his spiritual training from his first mentor. Since then he has studied in depth on his own and with a variety of teachers in a broad spectrum of spiritual practices for self empowerment and healing others. He has received certifications in  Psychic Development, Reiki (Master Level), AHS, Reflexology, DNA Activation, Theta Healing and Crystalogy. Aaron has also studied and trained in  Astrology, Yoga, Sacred Geometry, Qabalah, Shamanism, and other spiritual practices. At the same time he began to study spirituality, he had a renewed interest in art. He began to create art that reflected his spiritual studies and meditations. By the age of 21 he had his art and writings in various local publications, had been on PBS TV, Fox News, and became ordained as a Priest of Melchizedek (a non-denominational spiritual church). At the age of 24 he was initiated into Peruvian Shamanism. Aaron has done much traveling in his time seeking spiritual truths, mystical places, and avenues for his art & messages. He now seeks to help others who can benefit from his spiritual understanding and variety of services to help uplift humanity into a new empowered awareness.

Aaron also offers energetic healing services and meditation instruction. Through his many studies Aaron has developed the ability to help others move into levels of greater self awareness, healing, and connection with spirit. The energy in his healing sessions comes from the same source as does his artwork, allowing deep transformation. He teaches a wide variety of meditation classes in groups and in private to assist others in attaining a deeper understanding of their spiritual nature and allowing it to transform their lives.

Aaron works through various creative channels to help bring about a new positive world of harmony with each other, nature and the universe around us. In this vision humanity realizes it’s inner divinity and the inner divinity of all people, creatures, and things around them. With this humanity achieves new levels of being never yet explored. Imagine a world were all people are in tune with Spirit, Nature, and the Cosmos. Each experience is uplifting, expanding, and brings everyone joy. The individual recognizes each challenge as an opportunity for greater growth and connection to their inner power. This is Aaron’s focus in his work.He accepts the core truth behind all spiritual practices and believes they have all had their perfect place in the development of humanity. Aaron’s experience has shown him that there exists one universal love energy/spirit/God/Goddess that is within all people and all things. It is through the awareness and understanding of this that we are released from suffering and we can each come into our full power of Love. It is Aaron’s desire to help others realize this infinite potential within them through his healing, teaching, and art to help bring in a new level of peace to Earth, Humanity, and all creatures that live here.

Aaron currently is based in San Diego, California and works with clients around the globe.